The global fast food industry has been the focus of ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Task The global fast food industry has been the focus of ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) discussions due to increasing global health issues like obesity, especially amongst children. Besides nutrition and health aspects, environmental and human resource issues emerged and have added to discussions that question the ethical conduct and corporate social responsibility of the industry.

 The key question is, can fast food corporations be moral agents?

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The global fast food industry has been the focus of ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
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As part of your discussion, address the following points:

Identify and discuss briefly some of the key ethical issues within the fast food industry.
Critically discuss the broad and narrow view of CSR in the context of the fast food industry.
Assess these views of CSR using ethical theory to determine whether each perspective can be morally justified.
Identify a global fast food company that provides CSR information on their website and discuss how this company addresses CSR.
How do you feel about the fast food industry as a consumer? Add a personal reflection on CSR and ethics with regards to the fast food industry.

In this assessment, you have the opportunity to explore a specific CSR issue
(fast food industry) and learn more about ethical perspectives as part of CSR. Within your essay, please address the above points. You should start your discussion with a brief conversation of some of the main CSR and ethics issues that the fast food industry faces; critically discuss the broad and narrow views of CSR and assess them using ethical theory; overall, address the key question on fast food corporations as moral agents; use a global fast food company as an example to discuss how they address CSR by using information available via their website; and finally, add a personal (/your own) reflection from a consumer perspective.

Important specifics on essay writing
As this is an academic essay, you are required to research and use appropriate academic journal articles (at least 8) for your discussion and support your text with in-text citations and a reference list. You can use additional credible non-academic sources (e.g. government websites, CSR reports, credible news articles) to support your discussion. Furthermore, the textbook and other academic sources can be used as a reference, however, your research and focus of discussion should be based on academic journal articles.
Make sure all sources are relevant and current (preferably within the last five years; however, seminal work can be older). The general structure of an essay includes an introduction (what is the essay about; what can the reader expect), the main body (your discussion of the essay task), and a conclusion (what did the essay try to discuss; what were the main aspects/findings). The reference list should follow on a new page, formatted in the Harvard Referencing style.

Please note, keep electronic or physical copies of sources you used as you may be asked to provide them.


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