The five elements of Studio Production

The five elements of Studio Production

You will watch either a 30-minute segments of local affiliate broadcast news, An MSUTV Program, or a Kentucky based documentary program and write an essay over the evaluation over the five elements below.

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The five elements of Studio Production
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1. Technical execution: the overall look, feel, and production look of the program from lighting, to camera angles, to quality of the program.

2. Producing/Stacking: The order of segments and timing of those segments. The timing of news topics/packages is very important.

3. Entertainment vs. Quality: Notice if the news is just entertaining you or if it is giving you quality true journalist information. News in the 21st century relies heavy on celeb gossip, sports, and other puff pieces to fill the hour.

4. Quality of news packages or features: Are the packages/features shown newsworthy/relevant topics? How is the video? Does the package seem thrown together?

5. Overall quality of the news/program/documentary seen: How well written was the copy that the anchors/host/narration?


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