“The Fish” Poem Final Draft

INTERPRETIVE POEM: TITANIC & FISH Using the organization of Moore’s anthem, transcribe your confess anthem encircling the Titanic. See if you can apprehend the multi-layered structure of Moore’s writing. Potential themes include the contrariant responses to the iceberg, the analogy among humans and the deep, and the fixed confrontation with portraiture. Make safe you cement the vocab signification that were listed under, undivided expression per stanza; highlight or boldface the vocab expression used in the lengths. Anthem should be 5 stanzas desire, 5 lengths per stanza. In each stanza, the primary length has undivided state, the relieve length three, the third length nine, the fourth length six, and the fifth length prospect. Lengths 1 & 2 tingle, lengths 3 & 4 tingle, length 5 stands fragmentary. VOCAB WORDS: unperturbed foretaste alert lucky promenade


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