The Evolution of Cetaceans and Canids

Research and explain the evolutionary relationship between these oceanic and terrestrial mammals by using the UMMNH Exhibit and relevant peer-reviewed journal articles.

Using the link below, explore the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History (UMMNH) Virtual Evolution Exhibit:

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The Evolution of Cetaceans and Canids
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UMMNH Virtual Evolution Exhibit

Based on the UMMNH Virtual Evolution Exhibit and at least 4 peer-reviewed journal articles that you find or are provided with, write an essay on the question as described below.

Address the following question:

What is the evolutionary relationship between cetaceans and canine species? In writing this essay, identify and describe at least three behavioral characteristics that cetaceans and canines have in common.

Note: Cetaceans include whales, dolphins and porpoises while Canids include wolves, dogs, coyotes, foxes, jackals and dingoes.

Write a 1500 word essay in clear, grammatical sentences with citations of references to support each statement that is not common knowledge.

Please remember to use APA format for citations and references, that no quotes are acceptable in this course, and to write using double-spacing.

A minimum of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles are required to fulfill this assignment.

Three articles are provided to initiate your research on this topic. You should also do your own library research and find additional, relevant articles to develop and support your statements in writing this essay. Links are below to the three articles. All three of the articles are also available on Canvas (Files tab, Evolution Paper Articles tab).


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