The Ethics of Study Validity

The Ethics of Study Validity(5 para)

New researchers sometimes believe that quantitative research presents a very low risk to study participants—especially in today’s research environment, when many survey instruments are administered by services such as Survey Monkey, which effectively blind researchers and participants.

But participant exposure is not the only risk of qualitative research: faulty conclusions drawn from bad research can pose far greater risks.

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The Ethics of Study Validity
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Prepare a post that addresses the following:

  • How would you define and describe the concepts of internal and external validity? (1 para)
  • What are the threats to internal and external validity?(1 para)
  • How can these threats be mitigated? (1 para)
  • What are the potential risks of poor quantitative research in business and other fields to society, the research community, and the general public? (1 para)
    • Can you cite any examples of such damage? (1para)

Please make sure you answer all the above questions.


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