The effect of the oil crises on the United Kingdom’s economy

  1. Front Cover (& Spine marking, if a paper submission with binding)
  2. Title Page
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Contents Page

(List of Tables, Figures and Appendices)

  1. Abstract or Summary – 150 words – done already
  2. Aim and Objectives – 250 words – done already
  3. Introduction – done already – I will modify later on
  4. Literature Review – Should be around 6000 words in total – 1 200 words done – 4 800 words left to add
  5. Methodology – 765 words done – it is completed – nothing needed to add
  6. Investigation: Results – approx.. 1500 words
  7. Investigation: Analysis – approx.. 1500 words
  8. Conclusion (with suggestions for further work)
  9. Recommendations (if appropriate)
  10. References / Bibliography (see Section Four)
  11. Appendices (see Section Four)


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The effect of the oil crises on the United Kingdom’s economy
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The total number of words of the dissertation should be 12 000. I have already written part of it (around 4000 words) and the rest should be added to the research proposal sent to you. That piece of text was already sent to the supervisor, assessed, accepted, and corrected. The rest of the research should be built around it.

This is the format required. It was already built, just needed a lot of extended content. The areas needed to develop are:

Literature review – around 4 800 words needed

Investigation : Results – around 1500 words

Investigation: Analysis – approx. 1500 words


The rest I will modify later on.  This will be only a draft for the dissertation. As I am working full time, and left most of the work on the last minute, I am far behind.

The Investigation chapters will need collection of data. I am willing to pay anything necessary for the collection of data between 1970 to 2020 for:

  • GDP in UK
  • Inflation in UK
  • Exchange rate
  • Oil Prices


The data needs to be put into an excel file. Graphs and tables need to be made through excel and added into the investigation chapter.


Just let me know if it is possible and how much it will cost extra. I didn’t find on the website a way of asking for it. Please send me any other questions that you may have.


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