“The Double Helix” By James D. Watson

For this assignment you will read one of the novels about biology described below. Using the novel as a primary source, you will write an essay analyzing what you have discovered about the scientific life. What new biology have you learned? What is it like to be a biologist? How can you use scientific approaches (method or viewpoint) to help you understand the world around you?


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“The Double Helix” By James D. Watson
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This should be an organized, coherent essay addressing all three questions, not simply disjointed answers to the questions. Use correct grammar and spelling in your typed (word-processed) essay. While the novel will be your primary source, you should feel free to use secondary sources in your essay, including your textbook, lab, lecture, extra-credit lectures, and scientists that you know (e.g. Biology and Chemistry majors) to gain additional insight. As with any paper you write, appropriate references (MLA is fine) are expected. Length is expected to be 5-8 pages. The essay will be worth 60 points on the Academic Treasure Hunt. Late papers will not be accepted.


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