The Dissertation Research Prospectus

The Dissertation Research Prospectus

 (Length 1000-2000 words maximum) (Follow APA 6th edition formatting guidelines)

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The Dissertation Research Prospectus
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  1.  Title of the Dissertation

The title must include the key issue(s)

  • Research Problem

Describe the research problem based on current literature review and the actual need to conduct your study. Be clear on the negative outcome and have ample research support

  • Theoretical Background

List the key theoretical concepts your study will be grounded in

  • Significance of Research

Why is your study worthy of research? Be clear on quantifiable impact

  • Research Questions and/or Hypotheses

For quantitative research, not more than four main questions; if qualitative, you may have up to two main research questions and up to 5 sub-questions for each main research question

  • Research Methodology

State the research methodology and why you have selected this specific research methodology; if qualitative, be clear on the approach and rationale for that approach

  • Data Sources and Rights of the Participants

Describe the data sources and who will be the participants

  • Legal Issues

How do you protect the rights of the participants?

How do you secure the right to make use of the data?

  • Research Plan – Time Schedule

Describe your project plan chronologically using a Gantt Chart (see below); define each task listed in the Activity Column

Activity   Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Task 1 (Identify sequentially and describe)                        
Task 2                        
Task 3                        
Task 4                        
Task 5                        

10.       References

Be sure to have ample research support with solid peer-reviewed support for all major points.


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