The Disease Theoretical Model of Addiction

There are a number of theoretical models that explain addiction from a wide range of perspectives. It may be ideal to consider addiction from a broader perspective as a condition influenced by the interaction of all spheres of life: biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual.

While no one model will be all-inclusive, the medical model is more widely accepted than others in the field. The medical model, also known as the disease theoretical model, is more comprehensive than other models and is currently the most applied model in the treatment of addiction. It is the model that you are most likely to encounter as a helping professional.

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The Disease Theoretical Model of Addiction
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In a 2- to 3-page APA-formatted paper, address the following:

· Explain the key points of the disease theoretical model of addiction.

· Explain two strengths and two limitations of this theoretical model.

· Explain the major contributions of this theoretical model to the field of addiction treatment.

· Explain whether the limitations that you identified may affect the applicability of the model in the treatment of addiction and why. Use Marge from the media piece as an example.


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