The Development of Preschool Aged Children



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The Development of Preschool Aged Children
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The intent of this assignment is to help you better understand the development of preschool aged children. Please follow the instructions noted below:

 Scroll through the videos on this link and the pages that follow. Select 4-5 videos to observe that have at least 30 combined minutes total of video. (You can do this in several viewings) You must provide the links you used and then based on what you observe, answer the following questions. (Links to an external site.)

While observing, make notes regarding the following and then follow this format to type and submit your observation. Your paper must be numbered as listed below – don’t combine into paragraph form. Each item 3-9 will require several detailed sentences. 

1.) Describe the setting/learning environment

2.) Physical description of the child (ren) (list factual, observable information)

3.) What do you notice about the child’s(ren) physical development – what skills do they seem to have mastered, and what skills are they working on?

4.) What do you notice about the child’s (ren) psycho-social development?

5.) What do you notice about the child’s (ren) cognitive development?

6.) What do you notice about the child’s (ren) language development?

7.) List 3-5 quotes from the textbook that you feel help you better understand what you observed related to milestones of this age group. Properly quote/cite the textbook and explain how it impacts your understanding of developmental milestones of this age group (about 1-2 paragraphs)

8.) What theoretical framework(s) appear to guide the work of the educator(s) in the classroom?  What evidence do you see that supports this? Detailed examples- (use articles provided)

 9.) Assume that this was your class that you observed.  Based on your observation, what activity would you plan for the class tomorrow? Include the reason for the activity and how it is inclusive of all children.  Make sure to connect your observation and reasoning for your planning.

Double space. Spelling and grammar matter! Make sure your paper includes a complete heading in the upper left corner – name, date, course, assignment title.



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