The Concepts of Confirmation Bias

Discussion #1:  use search engines to explore the concepts of confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance, and critical thinking. Go beyond definitions and discuss the implications of these concepts on YOUR ability to communicate. The course syllabus refers to Intrapersonal Communication and how knowing oneself is the foundation for effective leadership.

Discussion #2 It is likely that you have taken at least one personality test as part of your education or workforce training. Explore various assessment tools (e.g. DISC, Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence, and dozens of others) and discuss their usefulness in measuring personality types and behavior. Again, go beyond mere definitions… dig in. As communicators, why is it important to understand our underlying characteristics and tendencies? Are assessment instruments effective tools in fostering understanding of our relationships? Why is it essential to understand these differences in context of our peers, subordinates, and bosses?

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The Concepts of Confirmation Bias
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