The Cold War impact on US-Latin American relations

The Cold War had an impact on US-Latin American relations. Discuss how the conflict affected the relationship between the United States and Latin America’s military communities, and then, from a national security standpoint, explain how US concerns about the spread of communism affected relations with one of the following: Brazil or Chile.

Latin America’s 19th century independence movements might have drawn inspiration from the American and French Revolutions, but the ability to break free from Spain and Portugal manifested itself in two words: Nativism and Americanos. What did these concepts mean in terms of Latin America’s independence movement, and why did the term Americanos become so important to the cause?

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The Cold War impact on US-Latin American relations
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SpainandPortugalarrivedinLatinAmericainthe1500s.Britainandthe United States arrived several centuries later. The first wave brought colonialism to the continent; the second brought neocolonialism. Identify and discuss the key features which might distinguish neocolonialism. Then, using the United States as an example, describe the reasons why it embraced neocolonialism, and how that policy was applied in either Cuba or Panama.


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