The Changing Relationship between Music and Society in America

Prompt: Respond to the following prompt in the manner outlined in the “Essay Response Rubric.” Attach your 500 word response as a DOC file.

Using information from the previous lectures about the 1960s (pop, soul, folk, blues revivals, and acid rock), describe the changing relationship between music and society in America throughout the decade. Draw from and cite at least 3 examples from different genres in comparing and contrasting the roles that music played in social and political life. Highlight how each example demonstrates a change in music’s role from what came before, and how each demonstrates a consistency.

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The Changing Relationship between Music and Society in America
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Think back across everything we have gone over so far, and remember that you can include music styles, history, and the business end of the music industry to support your case. As an example: Brian Wilson and the Beach boys drew heavily upon the musical styles of Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry, but their later albums epitomized experimentation in the studio and the transition of rock from “pop” to “art music.” (You will then include details to defend your claims and explain how this represents a shift in how music operates in American society.)


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