The Career Field : Financial Analysis

Assignment – Presentation

Mechanics 5-8 Minutes

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The Career Field : Financial Analysis
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The Career Field : Financial Analysis


This project is to help to get a sense of the ethical issues within your career field that you will be writing about for your final paper. Your presentation should have the following:

1.) A description or scenario of the issue

2.) key terms necessary to understand the dilemma

3.) briefly describe some virtues and principles being affected

4.) what have been some solutions suggested

5.) Just briefly where you think core concepts, sources, and process in Christian ethics can help bring a solution

This project is an introduction to the paper and into your career dilemma. An ethical dilemma can be found in the workplace and could be with the customer, patient, or other. The paper should be answering the “why” and “how” to these categories. And basically, what can be the solution of your dilemma.


-Please provide a works cited slide at the end of your work.


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