The best white papers work

The best white papers work because they help the reader address a specific problem or make an important decision. When choosing a topic for your paper, choose something that is specific to the line of work you are in or are hoping to pursue or something that you are excited to research and discuss. A topic in which you have little personal interest will add unnecessary challenges to the assignment. White papers are persuasive in that they provide an overview of a topic and then propose a solution or action.

Your white paper proposal will be a one-and-a-half- to two-page document in which you sketch out the topic you have selected and the direction you are taking for your white paper. It should include a brief summary of the research you have done on the topic and evidence that you have located enough supporting documentation for an effective white paper. Include citations for the sources you have identified. This will likely not be a complete works cited, but it gives us a starting point.

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The best white papers work
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The final paper, which is due in Module 8, should follow APA format. The final paper should be six pages in length


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