The Amputation Process.

The Amputation Process.

1. What organ systems must be understood in detail by the medical doctors and bioengineers who develop amputation techniques in preparation for prostheses? Explain why for each system.

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The Amputation Process.
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2. Why do you think smoothing out the remaining bone in the limb is an important part of the amputation process?


3. What are artificial limbs currently made out of? Why are these current materials much improved from those used in the past?

4. Despite the similarities in all prosthetic limbs, there are also many differences, especially with regards to where the prosthesis will be located. For example, a different type of artificial limb is needed after a transfemoral amputation vs. a transtibial amputation vs. a transhumeral amputation. Just looking at these three terms, predict the difference in the types of amputations and the structure of the prosthetic limb each would require.


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