The Alaska Humanities

  The Alaska Humanities

This assignment asks you to document one way people in Alaska, past or present, encounter, use or study the humanities as “meaning-making practices of human culture” (Small, 23). Provide an overview that answers “the five Ws” and more:

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The Alaska Humanities
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What conventions, behaviors, and knowledge’s are valued in this humanities practice? What controversies, disagreements, or theoretical debates influence this practice? What role did/does this practice play in shaping life in Alaska? Why should other Alaskans be invested or interested in this aspect of the humanities?



Approximately 4-5 pages, plus 3-5 photographs
Photographs may be original or drawn from Alaska’s Digital Archives or other appropriate source
Images should be embedded within the text of the essay and, beyond mere decoration, should help explain the thesis
Images need not include titles or captions, though they may
3-4 academically credible secondary sources are required
MLA style throughout, including documentation of photographs as necessary
Essays should demonstrate effective focus, organization, and design typical of professional writing in the humanities
Essays will be evaluated based on the rubric associated with this assignment and attached below.



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