Texting versus Calling


Times are changing lightning-fast. Technology has escalated to levels where phone calls are being replaced by phone texting, more often than not. This is with reference to the recurrent conflicting public opinions creating avenues of heated debates over the subject matter. The emphasis concerning texting versus calling incorporates aspect like convenience, confidentiality, efficiency and effectiveness, notably for millennials who are struggling to find their places in the current technological world (Nielsen Company, 2008).

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Texting versus Calling
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This research examines justifiable reasons that drive one to choose texting over calling or the other way round.

Calling verses Texting -Keeping Up with the Modern trends

The unwavering need to conduct routinely practices calls for communication ties ranging from work related interactions all the way to social relationships. The inception of social media linkages, the likes of Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Snap chats have given individuals every reason not to put their phones down. Why? This is because texting has redefined communication methods. Approaching life at the context of expediency, everything seems to work just fine for texting over calling in situations where quicker ways of fixing things appear to matter a whole deal (Nielsen Company, 2008).

A case is pointed on the millennial employee’s unbearable high preference for texting as compared to calling, according to the research conducted by Nielsen Company, (2008). For them texting is rather a habitual thing than just a normal practice. Statistically, analysis of the subject matter with regards to this particular group presented an approximation of close to 25% of employees who preferred calling over texting. Reporting for OpenMarket, Mr. Emmet; the general manager commented on the matter implying that texting has been branded the most preferable means of communication between customer companies and the millenials over the recent years.

Phone calls on the other hand have taken sporadic instances, only happening when urgency demands. This is in line with the fact that people are growing accustomed to alternative means of communication, which is majorly through text messages. The transformation from phone calls to texting is that of gradual and steady nature as the new generations get sucked into the world where technology has deep-rootedly established standing. That being said, it’s only rational to think that the anxiety-driven millennials have a hand in the pronounced transfiguration of the communication ways from the earlier well-known phone calls to text messaging (Nielsen Company, 2008).

Critical Analysis of Texting verses Calling

Up-and-coming argumentative points regarding clear-cut findings on the subject matter have attempted to answer the big question, why a given number of people prefer texting to calling while others view talking on the phone as being better than texting. For some reasons, a number of premises have given more weight on texting as a rampant means of communication (Nielsen Company, 2008). All the same, it’s illogical to refute the grounds that make phone calls to beat other alternatives. Here is why texting verses calling are open to questions.

What’s Convenient- Texting or Calling?

In reference to Nielsen Company (2008) study, communicating via text massages has taken convenience to another level. Texting can be done at anytime and anywhere effortlessly and unlimitedly, everything considered. Secondly on the same note, condensing messages is possible with texting where one can convey the required information in just a single thread. Thirdly, with texting an individual has control over emotions and can hit the backspace button to scrap what can never be unheard by the recipient. Another thing, mass-messaging privileges works better with texting, something that really favors the millennials.

On the other hand calling requires one to consider appropriate times before deciding when to call another person due to difference in schedules. Secondly, sometimes people wish to take back what might be uttered as a result of anger; unlike texting, phone calls have no such guarantees. Thirdly, phone calls dictates full attention during calls, lest an important point escapes unnoticed. Adding to convenience, calling is a clear way of conveying specific messages to intended persons with sincerity, plus only a single correspondence is enough to deliver the required message (Nielsen Company, 2008).

Transparency Aspect between Texting and Calling

The degree of credibility cannot be gauged through just a single text, and emojis are just not 100% representation of what one may be feeling or trying to convey. Therefore, transparency is quite an issue with texting since messages can be fabricated to create a fake impression. In comparison, calling has all the positive aspects as far as transparency and sincerity are concerned. Through phone calls, it’s easier to tell the feelings of an individual on the other end of the line (Nielsen Company, 2008).

Privacy as an Important Factor in Communication

To some extent, texting violates the codes of privacy where a same message maybe copy-pasted and sent to other recipients, or where a third party snoops through one’s phone to get everything on a thread of conversations. Contrary to this, each time a phone call is made to someone, the information is always one of its kind, first hand and unique in nature (Nielsen Company, 2008).


Verbal Communication Impediments in Relation to Texting Verses Calling

Unlike texting, frequent calling has a way of enriching verbal communication, enabling a person to hold logical and well- structured conversations confidently without any difficulty (Nielsen Company, 2008). Through this, the social identity of a person can be built with regards to public perception.


What is fun living without texting and calling? With traces of disagreements concerning which is better than the other, texting verses calling still manages to attract people’s opinions inline with factors such as transparency, convenience, simplicity, privacy and effectiveness, just to mention. Vast majority of individuals have derived an impression of a perfect life from social media portrayals as far as communication methods are concerned.














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