Terms and Conditions

1. Terminology
Agreement involves the understanding and acceptance to adhere to the provisions of the Terms and conditions.
Writing Company also known as thefreshessays.com is a firm that provides customers with research writing services in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.
A writer is the person employed in the writing Company to offer the research writing services to customers as per the Company’s Terms and Conditions.
A customer is the person who issue out an Order to the Writing Company and expects the writing service (products) to be delivered based on the instructions and guidance as per the terms of the Agreement.
An Order entails the writing services asked for by the client, which is paid for. The order is also known as a product.
The Order Progress provides information on the precise step that the Order has reached.
A Product or completed order is an electronic document that is submitted to the client.
A Product revision involves editing of the Original Product as per the clients instructions.
A support Representative or Administrator is responsible for managing and informing the client on the progress of their Order and keep the client informed in case of any need.
Quality Assurance Department is charged with the responsibility of evaluating the quality of the Product presented by the Writer before it is sent to the client.
The Messaging System promotes and enhances communication between the Administrator and the Writer. This system is characterized by collaborative aspect.
Verification process refers to a practice that requires a Client to authenticate their identity in order to avoid incidences of fraudsters.

2. Privacy Policy
The Company is required to show its determination in safeguarding the privacy of the client. The Company is not allowed to share any personal details such as phone numbers or emails with any third party. The Company is required to secure online transactions through dependable payment system such as PayPal. This process protects the client information from risk of being leaked.
The Company web contains specific pages in which clients are supposed to fill in their personal details such as home address, emails or telephone numbers. The Company confirms to the clients that their information will be protected and will only be used for confirmation of the Process on the basis of the Order. Once the Verification process is completed, all the extra files are deleted from the Company’s database.
The client is forbidden from having direct contact with the writer as a policy to safeguard the privacy of the client. The client is only allowed to make contact with the Administrator in future through messaging.
The descriptions of the Order and all other information will be presented to the Writer only after the client has already paid the order. The Company will not be hold responsible for any details released deliberately to the client while making an Order.
3. Type of Product and Usage Terms
The Company has established a system that allows employment of qualified and competent individuals from different disciplines to carry out writing services to Clients. These individuals assist clients in completing their assignments, which are important aspects in the clients academic. The Company does not provide any assurance the grads that the client will attain after delivery the completed Product to their respective learning institutions. The aim of the Terms and Conditions is to offer clients with writing services based on their instructions. This means that any information issued by the Company to the client should be used only as a reference material. The Company will not be held responsible for failure of the client to read and comprehend the details presented in the Completed Order.
The Company has been issued the right to own the intellectual property. Clients are provided with exclusive rights to utilize the Completed Order strictly for two years. The Company has been provided with the right to reclaim the Product after the end of the two years.
4. Order Process
Placing an Order- The client is required to provide a legitimate phone number and an email address that will be used to communicate with them by the Administrator regarding the Order the client has placed. Registering with an incorrect phone number and an email address will inconvenience the preparation process of the Order. This is a violation of the terms and conditions. The client is required to pay the Order in full before the Company can start working on it. Failure of the client to pay the Order in full, the Company shall not take responsibility for not working on the Order before the set date of completing the Order. The Client is required to examine the information while registering in the Order-form. The Client can be given a discount after agreeing with the Administrator on the specific amount that the Client will pay. The Discount is provided with a Code to minimize the costs incurred in the Order.
Instructions-The Company prepares the Order as per the instructions issued by the Client. The Client is required to issue precise and accurate instructions. If the Client provides instructions that are not clear, the Client shall provide additional information that will promote the completion if the Order. The client is provided with the understanding that upon completion of an Order, requests for revisions shall be provided in accordance with the initial instructions. Any changes of the initial instructions shall be considered a violation of the Agreement and the Client shall be required to pay the Company as an editing fee.
Sources-The Writer is required to make use of relevant research sources when working on the Order. The research sources include newspapers, books, online publications, magazines and peer reviewed journals unless the Client requests for specific sources to be used. The Client is required to provide specific sources within the reasonable time to allow Completion of the Order in time. Failure to do this, the Client will be held responsible for violation the conditions of the Agreement.
Choosing the Academic Level- If the Client does not provide the correct level of academic when filling the Order form, then the Client will be held responsible in case the proper quality is not provided. In case the Client discovers that they have chosen a wrong academic level, the Client can reach out to the Administrator for immediate assistance.
Checking the Messaging System-This systems facilitates effective communication between the Writer and the Support Representative. The Client is required to check their email account constantly to see any emails or messages from the writer on any issue that requires clarification. In case of any concerns, the Client is required to respond immediately to these concerns through the email address or the messaging system.
Wrong Order Placement- The Company has the right to refuse to process the Order placed by the Client or request the Client to provide other Order instructions in case the instructions are not different from the initial description provided by the Client. The Client is required to examine the Order description thorough before making payments. The Client is provided with a specified period of time to communicate to the Support Representative in case of any wrong placement of an Order.
Following Order Progress- Clients are required to communicate with the Support staff and follow the progress of their Order through their account. The Status of the Order may include: a Complete Order, Order on Queue, Order under revision or Cancelled Order. The Client has the right to ask for draft when the Order is still in progress.

5. Delivery/Downloading Policy
The client is required to issue correct contact details such as emails to prevent incidences of inconveniences when delivering a Completed Order or when an issue comes up based on the Orders. The Company has a support staff and works to ensure clients receive and are able to download Completed Orders.
The Company has not take responsibility if the client does not download the delivered Completed Order in time. The Company shall not offer any refunds to clients who fail to download the Completed Order in time.

7. Termination
In case o any suspicion of fraudulent activities on the side of the client, the Company has the right to cancel and order. Refund is not offered in fraudulent incidences. The decision process is conducted to agree on the ultimate action to be taken.
8. Revision Policy
The client is provided with the right to ask for free revision to ensure the Completed Order meets their requirements. However, the client is restricted from issuing out new instructions that are different from the original instructions. The client is thus required to provide all information and instructions when making an Order. The Quality Assurance Department has the right to cancel revisions that have altered the original instructions and those that return Products for revisions with unjustified reasons. A genuine revision is required to be completed within the requested time, which is not charged.
9. Satisfaction Guarantee
The Company shall deliver a Completed Order that is free from plagiarism and must be completed within the set deadline. The Completed Order is checked by highly advanced anti-plagiarism software to ensure the Product is plagiarism-free. The Company forbids plagiarism from Writers.
The Company does not guarantee that services such as formatting, editing or proofreading shall be plagiarism-free. Products that were prepared in the Company initially shall not be reviewed to trace plagiarism. The Company shall not make refunds for Products that contain plagiarism.
In case where the client withdraws an order, the Order shall be cancelled before its completion. Cancellations of any Order and refunds shall be informed through emails or Order Messaging System. Refunds can be requested in instances where the client is not satisfied with the Product or in cases where the Product has been delivered after the set deadline. The Company has the right to acknowledge or revoke the refunds demands made by the client based on various reasons.
A client is required to provide adequate reasons in cases where the client demands the content of the product is of poor quality. The demands for reimbursements are referred to the Quality Assurance Department for more review and approval or dismissal of the refund demands. The client is required to ask for refunds within 72 hours after receiving the Product.
There are a number of instances where the client is fully refunded or Orders are not paid for. These situations include: the Company maintain the right to utilize the Completed Order and share it with other people. Also, the ordered services have already been sent to the client. In such instances, it is considered illegal for the customer to utilize the Product in any way.
The Company shall not be held responsible for failure of the customer to have knowledge of the material provided in the Completed Order. The Company shall not offer any refund in cases where the customer attains a failing grade.
The customer will not be refunded the Store credits that are identified as compensations for any inconveniences. If the Store Credits are not used within 365 days from the day it was obtained, then the Store Credits will be debited from the account of the customer.
The Company is offered the right to keep in touch with the customer by communicating to them the services that might be benefits to clients. The information communicated to customers may include special offers, discounts and new services that the Company has established.

10. Waiver of Breach
The breach of the Agreement by the Company or the customer shall be regarded as a waiver of subsequent breach. All solutions provided in this Agreement shall be considered cumulative with other solutions provided in the Agreement.
The failure of the Company to ensure firm performance of the provisions of the Agreement shall be regarded as a waiver of the solutions that the Company in relation to that incidence only. These solutions shall not be considered as a waiver of any other breach of the provisions of the Agreement.
11. Amendments
The Company has the right to make changes, make adjustments and modify the terms of the Agreement. The client is expected to adhere to any changes, adjustments and modification made on the Agreement on the writing services offered by the Company. It is the responsibility of the client to review the Agreement fervently in order to be updated on any changes made on the Agreement. The changes on the Agreement are provided under a specific section of the Company’s website.
12. Miscellaneous Provisions
Entire Agreement- This Agreement encompasses the all requirements that govern the client and the Company. Any promises or statements made between the Client and the Company that are contained in the Agreement will not be considered binding to either party. The Agreement between the two parties may put down in writing and signed. This can then be endorsed in the Agreement, which will surpass all the agreements made between the Company and the client.
Severability- The client is protected by the provisions of the Agreement. If the provisions of the Agreement are found to illegal by the court of the state or clash with any law in any way, then the legibility of the remaining part will not be affected. The rights of the client will be protected and assume that the Agreement did no entail any portion that is considered illegal.
Law Governing-This agreement shall be directed by the laws of the state that the Company is located and executes its operations from, both in terms of performance and interpretation.
Place of Suit- All judicial processes enforcing this Agreement are required to be directed by the court that has knowledgeable jurisdiction in the region that the Company is located.


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