Tension between Borders

Class: World Literature

Course Description: This course introduces students to masterpieces of world literature in translation, with particular attention to the cultural traditions reflected in the literature. The course uses specific works of literature to show the evolution of the human experience from ancient times to the present day. Overall, the course aims to teach students more about what it has meant, and continues to mean, to be a human being in cultures around the world.

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Tension between Borders
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Assignment: Tension between Borders

Thoughtfully create a written response to the following questions, citing all outside sources in MLA format:

  1. Parsley, by Rita Dove, and The Farming of Bonesboth imagine Trujillo and his motivations for ordering the massacre. How is Trujillo depicted in both texts? What are the differences in the ways he is portrayed?


  1. The tension between the Dominican Republic and Haiti is a long and contested one. Other than the Massacre, how does Danticat portray the tension between the citizens of both countries within The Farming of Bones?




“Parsley” by Rita Dove


“The Farming of Bones” by Edwidge Danticat


If you are not familiar with this novel, you can use this as a summary:



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