TED Talk

Assignment II. TED Talk 1- TED Talks are an effort by the TED organization to share different ideas from various authors. TED Talks are video presentations. In the assigned TED Talk the author speaks very frankly about unconscious bias and how a person’s birthplace, gender or disability my impact your opinion or the opinion of others about them. Consider the discussion in your text about communication in a diverse society, specifically how the communication model is affected by diversity while viewing the TED Talk and completing your reflection. View “What does my headscarf mean to you?” – by Yassmin Abdel-Magied about bias and cultural diversity in the workplace. Reflect upon the readings and this presentation while answering the following questions:1. What about the author’s discussion of unconscious bias was most interesting to you? Why2. How has unconscious bias affected you and what what unconscious bias do you think you have?3. How would you remedy unconscious bias in the workplace?4. What was the author’s suggestion for remedying unconscious bias? Why would this work?5. How do unconscious bias impact communication in the workplace and impact our general communication?6. Finally, list three areas that Ms. Magied sited that could lead to miscommunication as a result of diversity or unconscious bias. What tools would you use to improve communication in each of the instances you site.

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TED Talk
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