Tecnam P2006T

The Tecnam P2006T is a modern, light twin engine aircraft powered by two Rotax 912S gasoline engines. Like the Cessna 172, it is used for flight training (largely for multiengine ratings), but is also used in recreational and limited business transportation roles. It has a useful load of nearly 1000 pounds and an exchange weight of over 400 pounds. A highly modified Tecnam P2006T is being considered for NASA’s SCEPTOR Distributed Electric Propulsion Flight Demonstrator , so it may be possible to leverage the electric propulsion work under SCEPTOR for a future SOFC flight demonstrator. Two different configurations of the Tecnam P2006T were considered – one with a spilt hybrid SOFC-electric power system (one for each motor), and a configuration with a single, larger combined hybrid power system that provided power to both motors. The latter takes advantage of the “economy of scale,” but would require the entire power system to be moved into the crew compartment behind the test pilot.

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Tecnam P2006T
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