Technology (Cause and Effect) Essay

Content of Essay
We analyze causes and effects every day in order to understand relationships
between actions and consequences.

For this essay, focus on a “consequence” technology (you must be specific, do
not discuss technology in general, but a form of technology, like Facebook, online
shopping, texting, etc.) has caused, describing the chronology of the action and the
predictability of the effect (There can be various causes and various effects:
Facebook can effect how we feel about ourselves, how we communicate with others,
how we get our news, how we discuss politics) analyze the impacts that piece of
technology has made on you, your generation, friendships, romantic relationships,
society, etc.
For your conclusion, you can also hypothesize on what our future will look
like (for example, if we place so much value on our self-worth via Facebook, what
will the future look like if this escalates?)
Make an original thesis statement making an argument (causeàeffect) on your
chosen technology.

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Technology (Cause and Effect) Essay
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Cause/ Effect Topics Discussed in Class

Ø FacebookàFake News, Hostile Political Arguments on Facebook
Ø Social Media Approval (likes, posts, views)à Self-worth, effecting our
chemical response (euphoria, adrenaline)
Ø GoogleàCritical thought process, attention span (distraction)
Ø IMing, Texting, Messaging, e-mailsàHow we interact with one
another (Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?)
Ø Online IdentitiesàFake (real?) relationships with fake people/huge
cyber attacks on major corporations (identity stolen: social secuirity
number, addresses, credit card info etc. –Remember that cheating
dating site hacked and members were exposed?)


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