Technology: 3-2 Assignment: Narrated Journal

DESCRIPTION Dirty impart has killed past humans than integral the wars of truth fully, notwithstanding in the conclusive 150 years, a sequence of unsparing ideas, prodigious innovations and unsung heroes feel transitional our universe. Johnson plunges into a sewer to apprehend what made a maverick engineer determine to raise the city of Chicago with grasp jacks in adjust to construct America’s highest sewer method. He talks encircling John Leal, who deliberately “poisoned” the impart yield of 200,000 crowd when, extraneously authorization, he added chlorine, considered destructive in 1908, into Jersey City’s impart and made it secure to draught. This isn’t singly encircling the universe suitable a pureer settle — the iPhone, the subway, absolute hide TVs and well-balanced the bikini are the effect of the heroic efforts of the unsung heroes of pure. Distributed by PBS Distribution


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