Another important thing to mention is the use of technology. Although many people do it, the

increased use of technology has actually made people more rude; according to an Intel survey, 9 of 10

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Americans report they’ve seen others misuse technology and 75 percent agree that mobile etiquette is

worse than it was a year ago. [4] Here are some examples of basic etiquette when it comes to



• Don’t look at your phone while talking with someone else.

• Don’t use a phone for calls or texts while at the dinner table.

• Don’t talk loudly on the phone in a public space.

• Avoid letting “text speak” cross over into e-mails (i.e., “tho” is OK for texts, but spell it out—

“though”—for e-mails).

• Try to avoid multitasking with your phone in inappropriate places, such as when in the restroom.

• When sending e-mails, avoid clogging up peoples’ e-mail boxes with “reply all” messages.

• Use spell-check for e-mails.

• Try to answer e-mails within twenty-four hours, even if it is to say, “I am not sure about this but I

will get back to you.”


Another note related to technology is the use of social media and the Internet.

Looking at your phone while talking with someone is the same thing as turning your back to them in the

middle of a conversation.


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