Team Efficiency

In a real world scenario, Team Efficiency would be a measure of a number of factors. These include how well the team is performing in terms of meeting the milestones, as well as how well they are managing the process. This would include such factors as how well the team gets along (cohesion), the managerial style developed within the team, the team composition (e.g. diversity of skills, age, experience, gender, and ethnicity), the movement of personnel on and off the team (longevity of core), and how well the team implements rewards and discipline (managerial actions). The score for Team Efficiency is given as a percentage and displayed on the in the Financials and Statistics portion of the page.

Team cohesion is how well the team gets along, as determined by the various individual attributes. The higher the score, the better.

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Team Efficiency
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Team composition has to do with diversity: diversity of gender, diversity of skill levels, and diversity of ethnicity. Too much diversity is not good, nor is too little.

Team longevity is a measure of how much the team is “churning” resources. A low percent score indicates significant turnover of the virtual team or the core of the team has not been together for as much of the project as a higher score. Research shows us that teams with a low longevity


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