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Apple: Key Products and Offerings

Apple Inc. provides an abundance of technology based products and services. Some of the more obvious products are the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook but, Apple also offers wearable products, that improve your experience on these aforementioned devices, and services that you may choose use on them.

The iPhone is Apple’s most popular and biggest selling device. As of May 28, 2021 it was estimated that about 1 billion people worldwide use Apple iPhones (iPhone users and Sales Stats for 2021, 2021). The iPhone is Apple’s version of a smartphone, which has gotten several upgrades throughout the years as technology has advanced. Apple hosts an event to announce the new series of iPhones once a year every September since 2011, and since 2020 twice a year in the fall and spring (Visualizing Apple Product Release Patterns, 2021). Apple has had a total of 12 series of the iPhone released, which include 29 different iPhone models (The Evolution of the iPhone: Every Model from 2007–2020, 2021).

In addition to smartphones, Apple also produces tablets, which they have branded iPads and computers, which they have designated as Macs or MacBooks (Apple Mac, n.d.). Throughout the history of the company, there has been 27 different models of the iPad (Blake, 2021), usually released once a year in March, and many different models of the the Mac or MacBook, released once a year (Visualizing Apple Product Release Patterns, 2021).

Apple also creates a variety of wearable technology, including Apple watches and AirPods. Apple watches became an accessory to iPhones in April 2015 when they were released as a smart watch that the consumer could use in conjunction with an iPhone to check messages, play games, or use as a fitness tracker (A timeline: A brief history of Apple Watch, n.d.). Today, Apple watches are also made to replace an iPhone with their own cellular plan if desired. The first version of Apple AirPods was originally released on September 7, 2016 and was Apple’s first wireless earbuds (Apple Inc., 2016). The second AirPod model was released in March 2019 and sported new rubber earbud tips and a more in-ear listening experience with noise canceling technology (AirPods, 2021).

Furthermore, Apple provides several online services, such as Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Care, iCloud, App Store, and iTunes Store, that elevate the experience of owning one of Apple’s devices (Apple (AAPL), 2021). The App Store and iTunes Store gives consumers an opportunity to customize their experience with Apple products. They can download applications for games, streaming services, music, and more. Apple also offers subscription services for television, movies, and music called Apple TV and Apple Music. They also produce some Apple TV exclusive television shows and movies. To store all of this entertainment and information, Apple provides a subscription storage service called iCloud. iCloud works to free up space on the consumer’s device by backing up photos, videos, and text messages. Finally, to protect the iPhone, iPad, Macs, or MacBooks, Apple offers an insurance plan for the devices, called Apple Care. By purchasing Apple Care, the consumer can confidently use their devices anywhere without worry.

To conclude, Apple Inc. has produced several technology devices throughout the history of the company including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook, Apple Watch, and Airpods, as well as services, including Apple TV and Music, App and ITunes stores, Apple Care, and iCloud storage.

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