Tax Fraud Case

  1. Federal prosecutors have charged Texas billionaire, Robert Brockman, with a $2 billion tax fraud scheme in what they say is the largest such case against an American. Before attempting this assignment, review the case, CEO of Multibillion-Dollar Software Company Indicted for Largest-Ever Tax Evasion as Private Equity CEO Makes NPA to Cooperate in the Case.


Write a 2–3 page paper about this tax fraud case, in which you:

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Tax Fraud Case
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  1. Summarize the Robert Brockman tax fraud case.
  2. Evaluate the issues that led to the tax fraud.
  3. Analyze a CPA’s culpability in cases of tax fraud by clients, regardless of whether they had knowledge of the fraud.
  4. Evaluate ways a tax preparer can detect signs of tax fraud in order to prevent future tax fraud.
  5. Use three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.


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