Systematic Problem

It is critical to note that healthcare delivery is critically structured on evidence-based information; thus, quality of care is proven by evidence-based information. There is sufficient statistical and empirical data that identify the current deterioration in the healthcare sector is caused by the reduced availability of nurses. It is critical to note that the problem within the healthcare sector relating to nurses primarily originates from the fact that there are a limited number of educators or lectures in the nursing field. Statistically, the number of students enrolling to become nurses has increased, but the availability of teaching staff has reduced significantly. Moreover, data from a survey conducted on registered nurses identified an over 20% turnover rate which is significantly high as the rate of hiring new nurses is stated to be less than 8%  According to Spurlock, the requirement to become a nursing professor is a doctorate in the field. Conversely, nursing practitioners with doctorate qualifications earn better pay in the field compared to learning institutions.

Accounting for such shortages in the development of the improvement programs was the common factor that needed to be addressed promptly. The aging of the American population is one of the primary causes contributing to the nurse shortage in the United States. Nursing is the most prevalent occupation in the United States. Despite this, employment vacancies continue to grow. Current deficits have already resulted in the underserving of many areas. It is especially true in rural regions, where the population is often older than in metropolitan areas.

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Systematic Problem
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