System Assurance Security


This course is an overview of information assurance and security topics for network administrators who must implement security strategies to protect their organization from exposure to the Internet; network designers also create security-conscious designs. Learners identify and apply strategies to guard against hackers and forms of viruses, use firewalls and gateways, and build authentication skills and encryption techniques. Learners identify methods for attacking a network system and validate defenses against them.

This course introduces information security assurance concepts and practices appropriate for beginning IT professionals whose job it is to implement security strategies that protect organizations from exposure to system threats and vulnerabilities.

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System Assurance Security
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Topics explore ways for IT professionals to incorporate security-conscious designs for various aspects of organizational security. Labs require you to employ strategies designed to guard against hackers and viruses, affording the opportunity for hands-on exploration of access control, authentication and encryption techniques, common methods for attacking a network system, and related topics.


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