Symbolic Logic and Venn Diagrams

Symbolic logic and Venn diagrams are tools that can be used to remove the content of an argument and examine whether or not the argument itself makes sense. Using these tools, you will examine an argument using symbolic logic and Venn diagrams and/or truth tables in your paper.


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Symbolic Logic and Venn Diagrams
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Debates about policy, philosophy, theology, and ethics abound in social media between family, friends, and strangers, and these arguments can get very heated. For this assignment, summarize the arguments found in the following article:

· The Virtues of Patriotism, the Vices of Nationalism

Look to include the following elements in your analysis:

· Deconstruct the arguments into symbolic statements

· Use Venn diagrams and/or truth tables to examine the soundness of the arguments

· Discuss the results of your examination and the limitations of your analysis

· Demonstrate how the same arguments would work with a different subject


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