Survey Assignment-Gun Violence

This is an assignment that will require you to read scientific data about the topic of gun violence. Students will then interact & collect information from other people in the form of a survey. Once the student has collected the data they will analyze and evaluate the data in a written report. Below are the instructions, guidelines and details of the assignment. (Please note: This assignment is not asking for your “opinion” but rather for you to research data, conduct a survey on other people’s opinions and then to correlate your findings in a scientific method).


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Survey Assignment-Gun Violence
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Students should start by reading and reviewing the assignment instruction sheet below. After reading the instructions sheet, review the assignment examples provided. If you have any questions about the assignment, contact your instructor. Failure to meet the assignment requirements outlined in the instrucitons sheet shall result in a loss of points. The assignment should be prepared in a scholarly APA format style, saved and submitted as a pdf.

1) Title of the report

Do not title the survey: Assignment CJA610, or Survey, or Survey CJA. The title should reflect what the survey is about. Imagine you are sending the survey results to somebody that has nothing to do with this class and no knowledge of the topic.

2) Introduction to the survey

Example of information to include in the introduction: What did you learn from the pew survey and the Vox article about gun violence in America. What is the main subject of the survey? how many people participated? how were the participant chosen? What was the intent of the survey? Was the survey anonymous? Did you ask the questions personally or through email, social media, mail? How did you come up with the extra two questions?

3) Results/Answers to the survey

Present the answer for each of the question. You can use, pie charts, bar charts, etc.. There are many tools online to help with this part ( here is one: The format should be easy to read, analyze and comprehend. Ideally one should be able to read the results quickly by looking at the charts. Don’t forget to label the responses and graphs.

4) Summary and conclusions to the report

What did your research find? Is your survey consistant with the research you did with the Pew survey and the article? Describe your overall experience of conducting the survey. How receptive and engaged were the participants? Were the questions easy to ask and understand? Did participants think the questions were easy to answer?

Was the group survey big and diverse enough to extrapolate the results? Do you think the group was diverse enough to be a representative group, or did they generally all share a common background, in which case results may be representative only for that particular background. What would you change if you could start again? What questions would you like to add or change?

Explain what you learned from the results about the population surveyed: This part should remain objective, do your best to state and compare the results without adding your opinion and be clear when you add your own interpretation of the results. Even your interpretation or opinion should be supported by accepted CJ theory or researched CJ outcomes. All conclusions should be supported.


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