Supply & Demand

CURRENT EVENT #1: Supply & Demand

How does the supply and demand of college students impact the price of college tuition today? What have you (college students) noticed about the price of college tuition as you enter into and finish your college degree? How has COVID 19 added an additional layer to the number of college students enrolled versus the price of college tuition?

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Supply & Demand
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  • Research      the topic thoroughly. You will be      required to submit a written paper (at least five pages double spaced)      based on your research and findings. Be sure to address as many aspects of the culture, where available: Country/region of origin for culture,      population, food, music, language (spoken/written), cultural values,      communication, stereotype challenges, etc..Use Hofstede’s cultural      dimensions as a framework to describe the culture.

Make      sure you include a cover page that identifies the culture you are researching      and your name.

  • You      will also be required to submit a reference page listing all the sources      used in your research (MLA style preferred). Make sure to use good sources.


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