Supplier Selection

Supplier Selection

Supplier selection is now a global concern, with competition coming from countries all over the world. Circumstances like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis have a negative impact on the movement of products from country to country (and even between companies in the same country). Investigate such international supply chains and answer the following questions:

  • When determining the supplier who should be used in procuring a product, to what extent does location (proximity to the customer) impact the desirability of a supplier?
  • What factors can offset (at least partially, if not entirely) the lack of desirability of a location (in terms of its proximity to the customer)?
  • How is supplier selection related to the execution of a successful corporate strategy?
  • What company is well known for its successful or tightly integrated supply chain relationships? Cite a source for your suggested company to document that the company is thought to do well in the competitive environment. 

Submission Details:

  • Submit in a two page Word document

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Supplier Selection
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