Sui and Tang Dynasties

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Sui and Tang Dynasties

The two dynasties that I choose to compare are the Tang and the Sui Dynasties. Both dynasties had a large impact on religion and boosting the economy. The Tang Dynasty was in power from 618 to 906 A.D., The Silk Road was a large part of Chinas history, the road was not a straight path through china but stopped in many cities and transported goods, ideas, and cultures. During the Tang Dynasty Buddhism and Islam spread through China with the help of the Silk Road. The difficult part of the Silk Road was the tight control that was placed on the travel as well as tolls were placed on goods and items that came through. Western travelers also used the Silk Road to get through China to live and sell goods, religious monks recorded the strict rules and regulations China put on the road with Chinese government stops throughout the Tang Dynasty. The strict controls ended when Mongols invaded China, they destroyed the tolls and government stops which made traveling along the Silk Road safer and easier. The Tang Dynasty was considered the center of culture and innovation, the cities gained large attraction which is why western travelers and monks came to China to live and sell. The Tang Dynasty increased the economy by influencing trade and flourishing religion.

The Sui Dynasty was in power in the 6th century before the Tang Dynasty, they were only in power for 37 years and in this time, there was influence on the economy and religion. The impact was detailed and immense architecture like the capital cities and expanded trade routes by making an artificial waterway called the Grand canal that stretched 1,000 miles. The canal was like the Silk Road, but the Sui Dynasty used this waterway to expand trade, create easy transportation, and use for different military transport. The Sui Dynasty only lasted 37 years because of taxation and the use of forced labor on many projects throughout the dynasty like the reconstruction of the Great wall and the construction of the canal and the capital cities. While this dynasty only lasts a short time, it still influenced future generations like the Tang Dynasty that came into power the same year that the Sui Dynasty fell.

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A common ground between the two dynasties was the impact both had on religion specifically Buddhism. The Sui Dynasty influenced the growth of Buddhism throughout China because the Sui imperial family encouraged and accepted the religion. The Tang Dynasty had the Silk Road that religious monks used to spread faith, other ideas, and cultures throughout China.



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