Student Supplies Information

Discussion with: (student supplies information) Date: (student supplies information) Topic/Issue to discuss: Lab safety Policy Breech (student describes information)

Items to keep in mind during the discussion: • Be specific and sincere in the discussion and not accusatory. • Show empathy and understanding when describing the facts. • Keep all members of the discussion involved and maintain two-way communication sharing

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Student Supplies Information
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ideas and questions. • Share feelings regarding the situation and insights in order to build trust among team

members. • Specify the level of support you will provide during the situation’s resolution to promote a safe

working environment and build team support.

My Approach:

What are my objectives for this discussion? (student supplies information)

How will I know that these objectives are accomplished? (student supplies information)

What are the needs of the person or team in the situation does the leader need to consider? (student supplies information)

Discussion Outline: 1. Opening.

Describe the purpose of the discussion. (student supplies information) Identify the importance of the lab safety breech. (student supplies information) Outline procedure of the discussion (student supplies information)

Who is in attendance? Who is leading the discussion? How will questions be handled? (throughout, or at the end of each section)

2. Clarification. Describe the situation as was provided to you, the discussion leader.

(student supplies information) Describe how each individual’s concerns will be addressed.

(student supplies information) Describe how will each member will be given time to discuss their point of view of

the situation. (student supplies information)

3. Development. The goal is to develop ideas to resolve the safety breech or conflict. How would each person’s point of view be addressed?

(student supplies information) What resources would be needed to support the ideas to ensure compliance?

(student supplies information)



4. Agreement. Describe specific actions needed by each person to resolve safety breech

situation. (student supplies information)

Describe an alternative plans (contingency plans) if the first planned actions do not work.

(student supplies information) Describe how progress will be tracked and recorded.

(student supplies information)

5. Closing. Summarize or highlight important features of the plan.

(student supplies information) How would you record the confirmation and commitment of team members to the

plan? (student supplies information)


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