Structural Poetry

Instructions: Read “Poem in which words have been left out” by Charles Jensen. The poem is created through editing and moving the words of the well known “Miranda Rights” which are read to a suspect when they are being arrested for a crime. How does Jensen edit these rights in order to demonstrate problems with the justice system? Pick out one or two examples and explain what Jensen edits and why, and how it reveals a hidden meaning that Jensen thinks is a reality of the justice system.


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Structural Poetry
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200-300 words.


“Poem In Which Words Have Been Left Out”

Charles Jensen

—The “Miranda Rights,” established 1966


You have the right to remain

anything you can and will be.


An attorney you cannot afford

will be provided to you.


You have silent will.

You can be against law.

You cannot afford one.


You remain silent. Anything you say

will be provided to you.


The right can and will be

against you. The right provided you.


Have anything you say be

right. Anything you say can be right.


Say you have the right attorney.

The right remain silent.


Be held. Court the one. Be provided.

You cannot be you.


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