Stress Ingratiation

Self-esteem to reaffirm their self-adequacy. Since self-esteem is a resource for coping with stress, it becomes depleted in this coping process and the individual becomes more likely to use ingratiation to protect, repair, or even boost self-image. By presenting the self in a positive light to a super- visor, an individual may mitigate reduced feelings of self worth. As stress increases, it would be expected to decrease self-esteem, and in turn, low- ered self-esteem may elicit coping behaviors such as ingratiation as a way to present the self in a more positive light. Given the negative relations between stress and self-esteem and between self-esteem and the coping process in stress resolution, self-esteem may me- diate between stress and ingratiation (as shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3). It was expected that self-esteem would mediate the relation between stress and ingratiation.

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Stress Ingratiation
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