Stress in the Workplace

“I’ve written recently about the clear mental health challenges facing workers during Covid-19, with a combination of job insecurity and the associated financial concerns combine to produce a growing prevalence of depression and anxiety.

New research from Ohio State University highlights how this not only has obvious implications for one’s mental health and wellbeing, but also one’s engagement at work.

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Stress in the Workplace
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“A global pandemic can lead some people to think about their own mortality, which will understandably make them more stressed and less engaged at work,” the researchers explain.

Such risks can, however, be offset by an effective manager, who the researchers found was able to both reduce stress levels among employees and therefore also improve their engagement via an assortment of pro-social behaviors towards their team.

“Business leaders who are attentive to employees’ emotional needs and unite them behind a common purpose made a positive difference and helped workers stay engaged at work and contribute to their communities,” the researchers

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