Stress and Coping

Each student is to turn in an annotated bibliography on 10 journal articles related to stress and coping as defined in the course and social work practice. Objectives for this assignment are for students to be familiar with professional literature and to develop an area of professional development or research. These articles have to be from five different sources, all related to social work practice. Follow the outline as below: 1. Author’s name, year and title of the article, name of the journal, volume and page numbers. 2. Summary—to be written as if the reader has not read the article and needs to be informed of the essence of the article. 3. Critique—Intervention approaches/model’s strengths and weakness, applicability and limitations especially for clients who are diverse in terms of gender, sexual orientation, racial, ethnic and economic and education background. Each summary and critique should be 1/2 to 1 pages in length. Grading criteria: 1. A broad review of established effective social work intervention approaches/modalities in working with clients who suffer from various 2. serious losses and illnesses, or stress and crises 3. Reflects writer’s ability to analyze and evaluate these approaches/ 4. modalities’ appropriateness and effectiveness with specific client groups 5. Summary is clear and succinct and informs the reader of its major focus 6. Critique is thoughtful and reflects comprehensiveness of the concept of stress and coping and the contribution

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Stress and Coping
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