Strengths and Opportunities in Apple

Part 1: Strengths and Opportunities portion of Apple’s SWOT Analysis

List of Apple’s Strengths :

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Strengths and Opportunities in Apple
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1. Apple is a technologically sophisticated company. They possess both the expertise and personnel necessary to manage cutting-edge technology.

2. Apple is a well-established trademark with a more significant market presence.

3. It is a well-known brand for often introducing new models and variants.

4. Apple items are already in high demand.

5. For many clients, Apple is a source of pride and status.

6. Its distribution channel is unique, ensuring maximum consumer engagement.

List of Apple’s Opportunities:

1. Globalization has created excellent chances for Apple to develop into new areas.

2. Apple may target a new client category in the same way it now targets a specialized market.

3. It may gain popularity by reaching out to clients in outlying areas.

4. Apple may use social media to find and reach out to new clients.

Part 2: Campaign Goals

Apple’s social media marketing campaign is to drive discussion around the new shirt product. A successful social media campaign will consist of many users discussing the iShirt products and gossiping about potential features and premiums. The other goal of the social media campaign by Apple will be to increase brand awareness concerning the production of the iShirt as an apparel product. Apple is already established as a technological company. Therefore, consumers and the general public must recognize Apple as an apparel company offering a new product, the iShirt. According to Ansari et al. (2019), marketers primarily utilize social media to increase brand recognition. A typical person spends about two hours on social media daily; it is one of the most delicate areas to capture customers’ attention (Ansari et al., 2019). Social media has also provided marketers with a better quantifiable grasp of their brand’s internet presence and reach.

Apple’s other social media campaign goal will be to grow revenue on the iShirt product by increasing sales. Metrics for measuring revenue growth of the iShirt will include the following. One, Signups / Revenue will consist of the number of visits to Apple’s website to view the product and the number of completed purchases on the product. The second metric will be on revenue from ads. It will include the amount of revenue from social media advertising ads on the iShirt. The other goal for the social media campaign will be to boost brand engagement concerning the iShirt product. Apple will strive to engage customers and the public on matters or issues relating to the new product. For people to get aware and understand the iShirt, adequate exposure must be done by brand engagement. According to research, marketers’ second most essential reason for utilizing social media is engagement (Voorveld et al., 2018). Furthermore, social media interactions have boosted brand impression, loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals. Social media platform engines, such as those on Facebook and Instagram, prioritize posts with more significant interaction on their feeds because users would be more interested in viewing highly engaging material.


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