Strategies For Addressing Crisis And Fostering

There are a variety of factors that need to be considered when identifying appropriate strategies to support people in crisis. However, even after the implementation of a sound Crisis Support Plan, some clients may not be successful. The role of the Human Services Professional is to encourage clients to actively work toward addressing the identified problem(s) and to encourage clients to believe in themselves.


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Strategies For Addressing Crisis And Fostering
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The final steps for your Crisis Support Plan are to identify appropriate intervention strategies to support the client(s) and to think about ways you can foster empowerment and resilience in them. In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling and grammar, address the following:

1. Perform some library research to identify strategies that Human Services Professionals can use to support people coping with a crisis/trauma situation like the one experienced by your client(s). Explain which strategies you will use in your Crisis Support Plan. Be sure to cite your sources.

2. What can you do to foster empowerment and resilience in your client(s)?


Imagine that your proposed interventions were not successful; how would you keep the client(s) from giving up?


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