Strategic Marketing Management

Strategic Marketing Management, 2021, Semester 2 Assessment 1: Case study report (40%)

  • This report requires you to utilise the knowledge acquired from lectures 1-5 and relevant textbook chapters
  • Due date/time: 21st September, 2021, 3:00 pm (AEST/Brisbane time)
  • Submission portal: On blackboard (open from 14th September 2021)
  • Format: 18 pages max. A4 sized 2cm margin, 12-point font (Times New

Roman). Inclusive of everything (title page, abstract/executive summary, main text, tables, figures, references, appendices, if any). Everything is double- spaced except tables, figures, and pictures (if there are any).

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Strategic Marketing Management
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  • References: APA style; minimum 8 references; 4 academic and 4 non- academic (there is no limit on the maximum number of references)

The task:

You’ll select a focal product from a company of your choice, conduct a situational analysis of the company, analyse the industry’s competitiveness, and provide suggestions on the segmentation of the market and the potential repositioning of the product.

The report should include the following components:

(1) A title page, including the course code, your name and student ID (1 page)

(2) An abstract or executive summary of the report (1 page)

(3) (From point 3 starts the main body of your report): A background section

regarding the firms, the products it offers, and the focal product your case

study is about (2 pages)

(4) A situational analysis (i.e., the competitive position) of the company using

SWOT analysis (2 pages)

(5) An analysis of the industry competitiveness based on Porter’s five forces

model (2 pages)

(6) Provide a segmentation analysis of the relevant consumer market (2 pages)

(7) Select two key product attributes of the focal and competing products, and

construct a perceptual map onto which the products are located (2 pages)

(8) Compare and contrast the current positioning strategy the firm adopts about


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