Strategic Management: Internal Environmental Analysis

Strategic Management
I. Internal Environmental Analysis (What are the company strengths and weaknesses that can be used to exploit opportunities and threats?)
A. Research and Development
B. Production
C. Marketing
D. Human Resources Management
E. Finance/Accounting
II. Strategic Analysis
A. Generation of Alternatives. Concentration
b. Market development
c. Market penetration
d. Product development
e. Backward vertical integration
f. Forward vertical integration
g. Horizontal integration
h. Diversification –related or unrelated
i. Retrenchment
j. Divestiture
k. Harvest
l. Bankruptcy
m. Merger
n. Acquisition
o. Joint venture
p. Strategic alliance
B. Selection of Strategic Alternatives
C. Implementation of Strategic Alternatives
Instructions: Internal Environmental Analysis
-Discuss 3 topics.
-Finance/Accounting must be one of the topics. (Provide information about at least three financial ratios to describe strengths and weaknesses.)
Discuss in terms of strengths and weaknesses for the COMPANY.
Strategic Analysis
-Discuss at least 3 possible alternatives. (Make a case for why these are selected as possible alternatives.)
-Explain why you selected the one (or combination) of strategies you selected to be implemented.
-Provide general information regarding how strategic alternatives will be implemented.


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