Strategic Management

Define Strategic Management. What does this mean for your role in organizations?

Why is strategic thinking important in any role you might enter into in an organization?

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 Strategic Management
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How does strategy and tactical action relate to each other in an organization?

How can you improve the implementation of strategy in an organization?

Busi: As small business owners, we are responsible to have a good relationship with the community. For this forum post, think about how community relations could be considered a form of social responsibility for the business.

describe it with an example. Use at least one appropriately cited reference.

You are a new MBA from a good university who has been hired as Manager of Strategic Planning for a medium-sized retail clothing store. You are very friendly and try to be a collaborative manager. You supervise 8 employees, most with at least 10 years’ experience in sales. In 2021 the COVID pandemic hit the company hard, and it is still in a crisis. You are asked by the store owners to quickly come up with a new strategic plan to save the company. You have many fresh ideas and wants to get input from all the employees. But a few employees tell you in front of others that you are “too new to the business, have no idea what to do with ‘your fancy MBA,’ and should just listen and learn from their voice of experience.” In 300 words TOTAL, answer the following,: 

6.1) Who has the most power in this crisis? You, the formal leader, the highly experienced but “lower ranked” employees, or the ones with the strongest personalities? WHY is that?

6.2) What are you going to do in this situation?   


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