• Define the following terms: sterilization, disinfection, and sanitization. How are each of these terms different from one another?
  • Compare and contrast selective media and differential media. Give examples of each type of media:
  • Define the following terms used to describe bacterial morphology or bacterial arrangements and give examples of SPECIFIC organisms that are representatives of each category of Morphology AND ArrangementsFor example: an example of a cocci organism is Staphylococcus aureus
    • Morphology:
      • Cocci –
      • Bacilli –
      • Vibrios
      • Spirilla
      • Spirochete –
    • Arrangements:
      • Diplo –
      • Strepto-
      • Staphlo-


  • Describe the four (4) different stages of the bacterial population growth curve:
  • Describe how the following factors influence microbial growth.  Use the information found in your assigned reading on oxygen, pH, osmotic pressure, and temperature requirements for microbial growth. (Terms such as thermophile, mesophile, halophile, acidophile, obligate anaerobe, facultative anaerobe, etc. should be used in your descriptions)

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