Statistical Test

A student researcher was surprised to learn that the 2017 NCAA Student-Athlete Substance Use Survey supported that college athletes make healthier decisions in many areas than their peers in the general student body. He collected data of his own, focusing exclusively on male student-athletes to see if such habits vary based on one’s sport. He asked 93 male student-athletes whether they had engaged in binge-drinking in the last month (> 5 drinks in a single sitting). Data are provided in the table below.

Lacrosse Hockey Swimming Row Totals
Yes – Binge 20 17 15 52
No – did not binge 16 15 10 41
Column totals 36 32 25 93


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Statistical Test
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10. Name the two variables of interest. Identify all levels associated with each variable


11. Paste all relevant statistical output in the space provided below:


12. Calculate the effect size. Show the formula and your calculations in the space provided below:


13. Using the degrees of freedom provided by your SPSS output and an alpha value of .05, find the critical value in the appropriate table in the Appendix of your Jackson e-book. Do not round – present all three decimal places. Clearly identify the critical value from your e-book and the obtained value from your SPSS output. Based on this information, would you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Does this mean there is a significant difference or no significant difference?


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