Statistical Analysis of Pennies

1- write an essay explaining how and why the social environment or context that
Sociological Canons found themselves affected what they wrote about. Make sure to
provide a brief explanation of each issue that they addressed. Include identification and
explanation of key social context and canons that influenced the three canons and to a
lesser extent the work of Simmel, Du Bois and feminist writers as identified in Part1 of
the text.
Identify specific individual(s), provide exact page number from the textbook and lecture
notes. You will be marked based on your usage and understanding of the textbook and
lecture notes (6 points)
2- In the next part of the essay, describe and explain the importance of key social events and
contexts for your own ideas and behaviours (4 points).
Make sure to identify your name, student number and the course number.
The hard copy of the paper is due on October 23 at the beginning of class.
Submit an electronic copy of the essay in the Drop Box section of the Blackboard. Make sure
it is labelled by your last name plus your first initial (e.g., Smith_R for Randy Smith)
Email submissions are not accepted.
Here are more key issues to remember when writing your paper:
1- Title page- title of your answer summary, your name, Student Identification Number, course
number, date and professor’s name.
2-Introduction – What are you going to write about? What is your key argument? (about 50
3- Summary of the readings with a focus to answering the questions (about 400 words). How
was social context important to each of these philosopher and social thinkers? What was in their
social context that they wrote about and/or they theorized (be specific)? What are their
commonalities and differences with respect to the context influencing their ideas and issues that
they discussed? How was your social context in your personality development, thought process
and behaviours. For example, did your social context influenced your ideas about gender,
ethnicity, race, education, etc.? How and why?).
5- Conclusion and Discussion- What is the general conclusion? (50 words).
6- References – Use proper ASA in-text citation, identifying authors, year of publication and
page number. As well your reference page should be complete (authors, year, book title, place of
publication, publishing company). (.5 mark)
7- Subtract up to 1 point for poor grammar and writing style. If needed, attend the Writing
Center to get help with grammar and style.
8- Subtract up to 1 point for use of 4 or more direct quotations.
9- Subtract up to 1 point if it does not meet the required format as identified above.
More notes for the essay:
1- Before writing your essay, make a skeleton plan for it.
2- Make sure that the first few sentences identify the purpose, the material is well
organized in the body, and the last few sentences highlight the summary.
3- Correct spelling and grammatical errors. You will be marked for your writing style,
grammar, etc.
4- Stay on topic throughout the essay.
5- Show that you have an in-depth understanding of the sources you used (i.e., related
6- Avoid wordiness and be concise, clear and objective.
7- Patchwork of quotations results in a low grade.
8- Make sure you provide proper page number and author’s name if you are directly
quoting any part of the articles.
9- Use ASA format.
10- Use in-text references
11- Fully identify your references
12- Do not plagiarize (see outline for policies on Plagiarism
13- Include a bibliography or reference list which is formatted correctly.

General Guidelines
A. Margins: One inch on all sides (top, bottom, left, right)
B. Font Size and Type: 12-pt. Times New Roman font
C. Line Spacing: Double-space throughout the essay, including the title page, body of the
paper and references.
D. Spacing after Punctuation: Space once after commas, colons, and semicolons within
sentences. Insert two spaces after punctuation marks that end sentences.
E. Alignment: Flush justify (align text to both the left and right)
F. Paragraph Indentation: 5 spaces
G. Active voice: As a general rule, use the active voice rather than the passive voice. For
example, use “We (I) predicted that …” rather than “It was predicted tha

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