State of Recidivism

Assignment one – State of Recidivism


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State of Recidivism
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1. Define what recidivism is.  Use the article  State of Recidivism.pdf to identify the state which had the highest recidivism rate between 2004-2007. – How Norway’s Prisons Are Different from America’s | NowThis


2.  Use the same article above to compare and contrast the approaches that Oregon, Michigan and Missouri used to help cut their recidivism and correction costs.  Be sure to provide specific policies that were implemented in each of these states and the end result of these policies.

3.  After reading the article and watching the video on Norway’s prison system, what are two policies that you would implement on the national level to reduce the rate of recidivism in this country?  Be sure to fully explain why you choose these policies and how each would work


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