State-Level Demographic Health Information

  • Select a state that has NOT been presented by your classmates in this discussion to keep the information presented interesting and diverse. In other words, the state you select for your original post in this assignment must be unique to the discussion. You will need to review your classmates posts before you start your research to find out which states are already presented. Duplication of state health data will not receive credit.



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State-Level Demographic Health Information
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  • Once you have selected a state to research, explore the state-level demographic  health information presented on Kaiser Family Foundation  State Health Facts website. The link for this website is included on page 142 of chapter six in your Etext ( to an external site.). There are several categories of data to explore for each state, therefore, your post must include data points from several different categories. Find the data points that you find most interesting and summarize them in narrative format for your classmates. Most of the data is presented for all 50 states and include an average data point for the United States you can include as a comparison. For the data points you are presenting, is your state comparable to the figure for the United States, better, or worse? For example under the category Women’s Health/Access & Utilization, Women Age 50 or Older Who Report Ever Having a Colorectal Cancer Screening, the state of Massachusetts has a rate of 78.0% which is much higher than the 71.2% average rate for the United States.
  • Summarize for your classmates the health status of the state you have selected to present in narrative format using the data points from the website. Make sure to use in-text citation when a sentence includes actual data points to give your source credit!
  • External research on interesting data points using peer-reviewed journal articles (i.e., UWF library database or Google Scholar) will add depth to your post and bring new information forward for your classmates. Include these sources on your reference list and in-text citation as well. For example regarding the data presented above, does the literature state support women 50 or older having a colorectal cancer screening?
  • Your discussion must demonstrate critical thinking, be written in professional/business writing style, and include a minimum of 300 words. Substantial replies to at least two classmatesthat also incorporate concepts from the text with in-text citation, critical thinking, and a minimum of 150 words each are due by the end of the module. Replies that include simple platitudes, state the obvious, or repeat points already made by your classmates will not receive credit.

To summarize:

  • To receive full credit onyour original post, it must:
    • Be submitted no later than Thursday of the assigned module.
    • Not repeat a state presented by your classmates.
    • Demonstrate critical thinking and bring concepts forward from the text to support your discussion using in-text citation.
    • Written in business/professional format with proper spelling and grammar
    • Have a word count of at least 300 words.
    • Include an APA formatted reference citation with corresponding in-text citation for the text. APA format guidelines and an APA sample paper are provided in the course Table of Contents to assist you.



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